Introducing the Ecklebergs

Dirty dancing music, music with the lights off, a heady blend of sparking drums, growling bass lines, gravelly vocals and gentle falsetto. Not just about what happens on the dance floor, but what happens after – with the lights off and the doors closed.

Fusing roadside blues hollers with the fragmented recall of lovers fumbling in the backseat, soulful vocals with jagged guitars, The Ecklebergs strut and fret a fresh blend of seventies streetwise grooves and intoxicating lyricism – dirty motown, distinctive 3 piece alt-blues.

After five albums and twenty years on the Sydney scene, Australian TJ Eckleberg gambled on Berlin – arriving in 2010 with freshly recorded lp ‘West & Lime’. Drummer Afonso Ribeiro was looking for a new, edgier challenge and the two met on Craigslist. Fred Alvernhe – a techno DJ (Humantronic) – was likewise looking for a new vista. On hearing ‘West & Lime’ he was convinced to trade his turntables for the electric bass – lending his love of groove and soulful deep basslines to the trademark Eckleberg blues sound.

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